2nd Surge: Ultra Sports Energy Gel (with 100mg of caffeine)

Product code: SS25DE048
Brand: Pacific Health

2nd Surge is an all natural sports energy gel formulated to delay the onset of both muscle and brain fatigue. It has been proven to increase the delivery of critical nutrients to both muscle and brain cells, inhibit the onset of fatigue triggers in the brain to keep you going longer, and decrease post exercise muscle damage.

Available in3 exciting flavours.

Servings: 1, 8 or 24.

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5 StarsReviewer: Jason Abbott - Reviewer's location: Poole

Well I have been using the caffeine gels now for about a year. I have been riding for many years, i have tried all the gels you can name. If like me, you are into coffee!! in a big way, you will not be disappointed in these Gels, as it does give you a big kick when you are into the big ride these are a must have Gel. Must add you don''t have to like coffee to like them, 5star all the way.

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